Hazella Cheesecake (Phoon Huat X All Things Delicious)


12-18 People

26 bite-sized pieces

Prep Time:
1.5 hr

Cook Time:
30 min


WeightIngredientProduct Code
200 gmGullon Digestives56909
25 gmRedman Roasted Hazelnut Chopped201111
75 gmRedman Unsalted Butter, melted68328


WeightIngredientProduct Code
452 gmAmerican Heritage cream cheese, at room temperature  104223
100 gmRedman Fine Sugar1416
200 gmRedman Hazella104966
1 tspRedMan Vanilla Paste67817
3 tbspRedMan whipping Cream106311
2 pcsRedMan Egg (Large), at room temperature12088
100 gm Redman Hazella, additional for swirling 104966


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 180˚C. 
  2. Butter and line a 9” square baking tin with parchment paper all the way up the tin.
  3. Using a food processor, place broken up pieces of digestives and start blending until completely sandy in texture. Add the chopped hazelnuts and blend again until just combined. Add the melted butter and blend until the mixture resembles wet sand.  
  4. Pour out the crumbs into the prepared tin and pat down with something flat. I’ve use the bottom of a drinking glass. Leave aside. 
  5. Using a mixer with paddle attachment, beat the cream cheese until slightly fluffy, for about a minute. Add sugar, Hazella and vanilla paste and beat on slow speed for about 2-3 minutes. Don’t forget to stop and scrape the sides of the mixer bowl. 
  6. With the mixer still running, add whipping cream and then increase the mixer speed to medium. Add eggs, open at a time and mix until combined.  
  7. Pour batter into crumb-lined tin and spread evenly.  
  8. In a small bowl, microwave 100g of Hazella for about 10 seconds. Use this hazella to swirl patterns or lines on the cheesecake batter. Use chopsticks if that helps to swirl patterns. Tap the tin firmly on your counter to remove air pockets. 
  9. Bake in the oven for about 30-35 minutes. 
  10. Remove from the oven and let cool completely. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.
  11. Remove from the fridge and leave 5-10 minutes. By firmly holding onto the parchment paper, lift out the cakes straight onto your chopping board. Slice and enjoy! Best served slighlty chilled.


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