Potato Bread


7 people

7 Breads

Prep Time:
3 hr

Cook Time:
12 min

基本麵糰 (Dough)

WeightIngredientProduct Code
250 gmRedMan 麵包麵粉(Bread Flour)1207
40 gmRedMan 細砂糖 (Fine Sugar)1416
3 gmRedMan 海鹽(Sea Salt)58415
7 gmRedMan 奶粉 (milk powder)200231
3 gmRedMan 高糖酵母 11 G (yeast)12294
40 gmRedMan 雞蛋(Egg)12089
40 gmRedMan 無鹽奶油 (Unsalted Butter)68328
25 gm湯種 (Water Roux)
In Chinese refers to a bread-making technique known as “Tāng zhǒng” or “Water Roux” in English.

This technique involves cooking a portion of the flour and water in the recipe into a thick paste or gel-like mixture, which is added to the rest of the dough ingredients.

The resulting bread is usually softer, and fluffier and can have a longer shelf life than bread made without this technique.
100 gm水(Water)


  1. 將所有材料除了奶油之外,放入攪拌缸中以低速3分鐘快速5分鐘攪拌
    Place all ingredients, except for butter, into a mixing bowl and mix at low speed for 3 minutes, then increase the speed to high for 5 minutes until the dough is well combined.
  2. 完成後取出少許麵糰拉開,出現薄膜且破洞有鋸齒狀
    After mixing, take a small portion of the dough and stretch it out. The dough should be thin with jagged edges.
  3. 加入奶油低速3分鐘快速2分鐘混合均勻後,拉開薄膜破口處呈圓滑狀即完成
    Add the butter to the dough and mix for another 3 minutes at a low speed and 2 minutes at high speed until the dough is smooth.
  4. 將麵團取出放入發酵箱, 發酵1小時
    Place dough in a fermentation box for 1 hour.
  5. 工作台撒上一些麵粉,防止沾黏,將麵糰分割成每個60克之後,滾圓放在烤盤上繼續二次發酵30分鐘
    Sprinkle some flour on a work surface to prevent sticking. Divide the dough into pieces of 60 grams each, roll them into balls, and let them ferment for another 30 minutes on a baking sheet.
  6. 將拌好的內餡以每個30克包入麵糰裡
    Stuff each dough ball with 30 grams of potato filling and seal it tightly.
  7. 收口收緊後,整形成橄欖型,將整形好的麵糰沾上表面裝飾粉
    Shape the dough into an olive shape and dust the surface with sifted flour.
  8. 用牙籤或探針不規則的插上少許的洞
    Use a toothpick or probe to make some small holes in the dough.
  9. 放進發酵箱進行最後發酵45分鐘
    Put the dough back into the fermentation box for another 45 minutes.
  10. 即可放進烤箱200°/190°,烤約12分鐘即可
    Preheat the oven to 200°C/190°C and bake for about 12 minutes.

湯種 (Water Roux)

WeightIngredientProduct Code
100 gmRedMan 麵包麵粉(Bread Flour)1207
150 gm熱水(Hot Water)


  1. 將水煮沸後倒入攪拌缸裡
    Boil the water and pour it into the mixing bowl.
  2. 迅速倒入麵粉進行攪拌即可
    Quickly add the flour and mix.
  3. 冷藏一夜後隔日使用
    Refrigerate overnight and use the next day.

馬鈴薯泥內餡 (Mashed Potato Filling)

WeightIngredientProduct Code
100 gm馬鈴薯泥 (Mashed potatoes)
60 gmPAULY 奶油乳酪 (CREAM CHEESE 1.36KG)104218
20 gmRedMan 細砂糖 (Fine Sugar)1416
10 gmDAWN 煉奶 (sweetened creamer)56052


  1. 將所有材料混合攪拌均勻即可
    Mix all the ingredients and stir well.

表面裝飾 (Decoration)

WeightIngredientProduct Code
50 gmRedMan 卡士達粉(Custard Powder)53287


  1. 將所有材料混合攪拌均勻即可
    Mix all the ingredients and stir well.


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