Hou Yi (Osmanthus Snowskin with Wolfberries & Red Dates)


6 people

12 pieces

Prep Time:
40 mins

Cook Time:
1 hr


WeightIngredientProduct Code
55 gmRedMan Kou Fien10691
50 gmRedMAN Hong Kong Flour1209
100 gmWater
10 gmRedMan Osmanthus Flower55867
20 gmColavita Grape Seed Oil88021
60 gmRedMan Icing Sugar9793
A dropRedMan Lemon color paste67758


  1. Boil the osmanthus flower and water(150 gm) and let it cool and add in the color paste
  2. Bake the hong kong flour at 100 degrees for 2 hours
  3. Mix the kou fien, hong kong and icing sugar together and sieve
  4. Add in the osmanthus water, oil into the step 3 and mix to a dough
  5. Cover the dough rest for 10 minutes
  6. Divide the dough to require weigh (20 gm)
  7. Flatten the dough and wrap in the filling
  8. Put into the the mould and press it firm
  9. Press it out and put on the tray cover keep in the fridge


WeightIngredientProduct Code
300 gmRedMan Puer Lotus Paste68244
15 gmWolfberries
35 gmRed Dates


  1. Wash the wolfberries and the dates,drain it dry
  2. Cut the dates to pieces
  3. Mix the dates, wolfberries and paste together
  4. Divide the paste into 25 gm each and shape it round



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