Cookies and Cream Cheese Taiwanese Style Snow Skin Mooncake 餅乾奶油乳酪冰皮月餅


10 People

10 Mooncakes

Prep Time:
10 min

Cook Time:
30 min

Snow Skin

WeightIngredientProduct Code
100 gmRedMan Taiwanese Style Snow Skin (Bing Pi) Premix200962
40 gmRedMan White Maltose63058
15 gmRedMan Shortening1027
100 gmWater

Mooncake Filling

WeightIngredientProduct Code
220 gmRoyal Victoria Cream Cheese67060
30 gmRedMan Black Biscuit Vanilla Base53059
RedMan Mooncake Pressed Mould Flower106806


  1. Mix 100g of water, 40g of maltose syrup, and 15g of shortening together bring it to a boil and put the mixture away from the heat immediately.
  2. Pour the mixture into 100g of Taiwanese Style Snow Skin (Bing Pi) Premix and mix well till a dough is formed.
  3. To make the filling, crush 30g of black biscuits into small pieces, and mix it well with the cream cheese.
  4. Divide the dough into 25g each and filling into 25g each ratio of skin to filling is 1:1 (25g : 25g).
  5. Wrap the skin around the filling and put it into the mould and gently squeeze it to form the shape and design.
  6. The mooncake can be stored in a chiller or freezer.
  7. Serve the mooncakes chilled.



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