Blueberry and Raspberry Cheesecake


8-10 people

7 inch cake

Prep Time:
40 min

Cook Time:
3 hr

Biscuit Base

WeightIngredientProduct Code
100 gmGullon Digestive Biscuit56909
40 gmRedMan Unsalted Butter68328
1½tbspRedMan Fine Sugar1416


  1. Blend biscuit to a coarse texture, put into a bowl
  2. Add in the balance ingredients and mix well
  3. Pour into 7″ cake tin, spread it evenly and press it firm

Cheese Filling

WeightIngredientProduct Code
200 gmRoyal Victoria Cream Cheese67061
70 gmRedMan Fine Sugar1416
3 nosRedMan Egg Yolk12088
80 gmMillac Whipping Cream (A)1417
200 gmMillac Whipping Cream (B)1417
1 tbspRedMan Gelatine Powder9887
3 tbspHot Water
80 gmRavifruit Frozen Raspberry Puree50472
80 gmRavifruit Frozen Blueberry Puree50480


  1. Mix the cheese and sugar until creamy
  2. Add in the egg yolk and mix well
  3. Boil whipping cream (A) and add into the cheese mixture
  4. Whip the cream (B) to soft peak and fold into the above mixture
  5. Dissolve the gelatine in hot water and add into it
  6. Divide the mixture to 2 portion and add each puree into the mixture
  7. Scoop the blue berry mixture into the ready cake ring
  8. Put a layer of sponge cake on it
  9. Scoop all the balance raspberry filling and level it
  10. Keep inside the freezer and let it set for 2 hours
  11. Take out and put the glaze on it and put it back in the freezer and let it set again for about 15 minutes.

Raspberry Glaze

WeightIngredientProduct Code
150 gmRavifruit Raspberry Puree50472
30 gmRedMan Fine Sugar1416
1/2 tspRedMan Gelatine Powder9887
50 gmWater


  1. Boil the water, sugar, raspberry puree together
  2. Add in the gelatin and stir until dissolve
  3. Let it cool and you pour on the cake


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