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The Business Analyst role is to help support a number of growth initiatives to bring the company to the next level. It is a multi-disciplinary role that will see you working closely with senior management in various functions across the business and you will report directly to the CFO. You will be instrumental in helping develop and execute on major strategic and operational initiatives.

• You will be responsible for data preparation (including extraction, transformation and loading), data mining for actionable insights and generating reports to support strategic and operational decision making
• You will also be responsible for management reporting and preparing papers for management meetings (both periodic and initiatives-driven reports)
• You will be working as part of cross-functional teams to flesh out business models, develop budgets and establish KPIs for new projects/investments
• You will be facilitating various digitalisation initiatives for company
• If interested, there will be Corporate Finance opportunities to assist CFO in evaluating acquisitions, joint ventures and other investment opportunities (both domestic and overseas)


• Bachelor’s degree from Finance, Accounting, Computer Science, Data Science or similar academic experience
• 1-4 years’ work experience preferably in Finance, Accounting, Data Analytics or related areas
• Strong quantitative analytical capabilities, critical thinking skills and understanding of financial and accounting principles
• Must be able to work independently often under time constraints
• Ability to work as part of cross-functional teams
• Ability to handle multiple project workstreams
• Finance and Accounting Knowledge
• Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
• Proficiency with SQL and R or Python
• Proficiency with ETL and databases (Data Warehouse is a plus)
• Familiarity with Business Intelligence tools is a plus
• Familiarity with Google Analytics is a plus
• Familiarity with Automation Tools (e.g. RPA, Power Automate etc) is a plus