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Wholesale Services

With our extensive experience of more than 60 years, we are able to select quality products and bring great value to our customers.


Phoon Huat manufactures and supplies an impressive range of baking ingredients under our widely recognized house brands, REDMAN, “BAKEWAY”, GOLDTREE and imported brands. Expect to find the high quality margarine, butter, cheese, toppings, shortenings, dried fruits (including raisins, currants and cherries), nuts (such as almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts), coloring, flavoring, baking powder etc.


Besides the finest ingredients, we also supply a comprehensive range of cake and bread utensils such as beaters and custom made moulds, perfect for those with the fanciest cakes in mind.


But that's not all. Phoon Huat believes that the art of baking improves with constant dialogue and exchange of ideas amongst those in this field. Thus, it has on hand a team of highly experienced bakery consultants and pastry chefs to impart skills, offer suggestions and provide technical support. So whether you're a housewife baking for the first time or a baker running a high-end bread shop, we are always to be of service.


And what will go down well with all those pastries baked with Phoon Huat's ingredients? Try our REDMAN flavored concentrate available in supermarkets and provision stores. Kids and adults alike love the refreshing orange squash!


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